* Choose the size of a portrait.

Take into consideration the size of the room and the surroundings.

(a full-size portrait fits in with a spacious room and looks good from a distance of 4-6 metres).

The price also depends on the size: 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm are approximately EUR 200,

50×60 cm, 60×70 cm EUR 400.

Prices for group portraits, big size portraits are negotiable individually.


**Choose the subject and the surroundings.

Do you want the person to wear formal, casual or historical clothes?

Do you want him/her to look businesslike or casual?

Think of a posture, the foreground and the background.


***Choose a photograph to provide the basis of a painting.

If you present several photos, they will help me to feel the personality better.

I can make a draft computer collage/ composition for you to assess and make some alterations.



A life-size formal portrait may enhance the models status and boost his confidence.

A childs portrait will always be a nice reminder of his/her childhood.

Whatever the portrait, if it is a good one itll make you and your room feel warm and cosy.






Its always pleasant to give or get a bouquet of fresh flowers. But alas, their life is short.

The art of painting enables to work miracles and make the flowers, fruit or vegetables live longer.

A watercolour or an oil painting of flowers will give the room a lively and festive air.

A landscape is not just a picture, its a piece of the whole world, thats why landscapes may encourage you to travel and explore new places.

They may evoke vivid memories and make you relive particular experiences.

They may also create a peaceful or a vibrant atmosphere in the room.

So create the atmosphere you like in your room by choosing the right picture.


Paintings, artistic printed furnishing textiles, frames can be used in the décor.

They create particular atmosphere and make the interior unique.

With pleasure and enthusiasm I can help you to decorate any interior (a room, a house, an office, a café, a hotel) and give it a new facelift to make it look attractive.


1. Classical portrait painting of the 20th and early 21st century

2. Paintings in the interior.

3. Colour design.

4. Common mistakes in interior design.

I closely collaborate with the Art Workshop, so you can also order furnishing fabrics with individual prints and monograms. I can also design your monogram, if you dont have one.

We also make decorative pieces of furniture with forged elements and individually printed upholstery.