My names Anastasia Slavitskaya and Im an artist and an art historian.

Id like you to have a look at some of my paintings.

Different themes are represented: still-lifes of juicy fruit and bright flowers, landscapes of hot, sunny southern countries and vast expanses of Russia, genre paintings.

But my pet subject-matter is a portrait. In a portrait gallery on this site there are portraits of well-known politicians, singers, people of art and portraits of ordinary people as well.

I paint portraits directly from the model or from the photo.





Unusual offer.

My painting plus sweatshirt only USD 160 (EUR 140).

Weird fact: paintings can help to treat some of the illnesses!

Paintings have an effect on your health.

Pastel, mute tones can help you to get rid of insomnia.

Canvases in blue and violet are good for asthma.

If you gaze at a landscape of autumn or a bouquet of flowers, they can help you to cope with indigestion or an upset stomach.

Water (lakes, rivers) are good for constipation.

Here are some other tips:


gaze at

symmetrical objects

Trouble with liver

gaze at

spring motifs


gaze at

portraits (of emperors)

Weak eyesight

gaze at

big, round shapes


gaze at

pictures of musicians,


Impotence and

similar disorders

gaze at



All in all, good paintings possess aesthetic qualities and therefore recharge you with positive energy - that is where the main treatment effect of paintings lies.






From November 1, 2017   

In KDC "Moskovsky" , 152 Moskovsky pr.

Exhibition of my paintings.

You are welcome!