Im Anastasia Slavitskaya - an artist and an art historian.

I was born and studied in St. Petersburg, Russia. I finished Art School and then

Art School in Johanson Academy of Arts.

I proceeded my studies in Herzen State Pedagogical University, the Faculty of Arts and graduated post-graduate studies with the MA degree and have a diploma in theory and history of Arts.


I have the honour of being a V.A. Lednevs disciple. My teacher Mr. Lednev is an outstanding artist of recognised talent he was conferred the title National Narodny Artist of Russia.

Under his guidance I executed my diploma painting Light morning, which was accepted by the Gallery of Fine Arts in China, Beijing.

My paintings represent different subject-matters: still-lifes of juicy fruit and bright flowers,

landscapes of hot, sunny southern countries and vast expanses of Russia, genre paintings.

But my pet subject-matter is a portrait. Im proud to say that I have made portraits of some famous Russian singers & musicians among my models were Alexander Serov, Edward Hil, Nadezhda Kadysheva



I have taken part in different exhibitions in Russia and abroad.

My paintings are in private collections and they are also exhibited in art galleries in Russia,

the USA, Canada, Israel, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, China, Poland, Ukraine.

Im a laureate of  St. Petersburg Muses Contest 2007.